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Section 8 Stack


  • One of the most significant benefits of owning Section 8 rental investments in Puerto Rico is the assurance of regular rent payments. The rent subsidies are paid directly to the landlord by the Puerto Rico Housing Authority (PRHA) on behalf of the tenant, ensuring that the landlord receives a consistent stream of income.

  • Because Section 8 tenants have limited financial resources, they tend to stay in their rental units for longer periods of time. This can reduce vacancy rates and increase the stability of the property's income stream.

  • Section 8 tenants are pre-screened by the PRHA, which ensures that they meet specific income and eligibility requirements. This can provide landlords with a level of assurance that their tenants are reliable and financially responsible.

  • There is a significant demand for low-income housing in Puerto Rico, as many low- income families are in need of affordable housing options. This high demand can help ensure that the rental properties remain occupied and generating income for the landlord.

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