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About us

We specialize in the revitalization of properties, employing innovative strategies that optimize each space and enhance its value. Our mission is clear: to turn potential into profitability. From conceptualization to execution, our highly skilled team takes care of every detail, ensuring exceptional results.

Our Expertise

In a flourishing country like Puerto Rico, we identify distinctive investment prospects, undertaking property renovation and leasing properties that evolve into tangible assets. Our approach hinges on operational efficiency, an unwavering dedication to excellence, and the foresight to transcend conventional norms.

Our Experience

Employing a value-centered and enduring profitability strategy, we craft environments that allure tenants and generate consistent income. Quality stands as our hallmark, and our unwavering commitment to our clients underscores our foremost priority.

The Team

Mauricio Noguera

Founder, Managing Partner


Responsible for stablishing, implementing and overseeing the company’s strategic direction.

General Manager to Felino Corporation (Totto PR) and president to several companies such as Guamarina Inc. or Los Monkeys LLC.

Mauricio studied business administration and holds a BS in finance from Florida international University.

Mauricio Noguera STACK GROUP
Cesar Candia STACK GROUP

César Candia

Founder, Managing Partner

Responsible for overseeing all constructions and renovations. Overseeing compliance with government regulations for Section 8 and other housing programs.

César carries a strong entrepreneurial family spirit and comes from developing and leading from the Ground up a successful renown business concept, Beshanti LLC.

César graduated cum laude in business Admin at Universidad Metropolitana.

Andrés Montaño

Hospitality Director


Dynamic professional in the Hospitality industry with more than 15 years of experience, accomplished to open

and manage over 12 hotels between Colombia and Puerto Rico.


Currently running 5 properties and growing in Stack Poshtels.

Political Sciense and Business Administration degree from the Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá.

Mauricio Montaño STACK GROUP
Yaritza Erazo STACK GROUP

Yarirza Erazo

Section 8 Director

Responsible for managing the long term rental portfolio.

Over 30 years management the admin and accounting for Real Estate related companies.


Bachellor in BA & Accounting. Certified in Property Management.

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